BAM VP – Be A More Vibrant Person in 2012

V is for visualization. Close your eyes and visualize a beautiful memory, proud moment, memorable vacation. Make it real by noticing the colors, sights, sounds, smells around you. Visualization encourages the release of feel good endorphins. Puts a smile on your lips. Now open your eyes and have a great day.

Visualize Yourself Thin: 3 Essential Steps for Amazing Results

“If I Can See It, Then I Can Be It” – I Believe I Can Fly lyrics by R. Kelly

Do you visualize? Daydreams, memories and inner talk are all types of visualization. Imagine a goal that you want to attain. Then program your vision to reach it.

The Carrot and the Stick

Your goal is to lose weight. Specifically 20 pounds; or wear a size 8 again; or have energy to play with your kids. That's the carrot, your reward. If you want to be successful in your undertaking you will have to acknowledge why you are pursuing this goal.

What was the incident, the last straw – “the stick” that set this plan in motion? Was it a long look in the mirror, a hurtful remark directed at you or a medical issue that would disappear if you lose the weight? Write it down and leave nothing out. No one has to see this except you. This is the motivation you will use again and again at those times when you are tempted to give in to cravings.

Picture Perfect Visual Aids

Find pictures of you at your ideal weight. Place them everywhere. On the refrigerator, bathroom mirror, iPhone, iPad, computer screensaver. You could also use pictures of someone you believe ideal or even hang that size 8 outfit in full view.

This is not only about how you want to look. It is also about how you want to feel. Link positive affirmations to your visuals. Think, “I can do this”, I look awesome, or whatever works for you. Send love even to those parts you want to slim down!

Wait for It …

You knew this was coming. Food and exercise. What is your action plan to help make this weight loss happen? Link lots of pleasure to this planning phase. Visualize yourself selecting, preparing and eating healthy meals. Picture yourself savoring and enjoying the feel and texture of the food in your mouth. Adopt an “I eat only the best for my body” attitude.

You will want to give up foods that keep the weight on. But take baby steps so you do not feel deprived. For example, one less soda a day will save approximately 100 calories.

Exercise must be fun for you to stay with it. So visualize moving your body to something you enjoy and watching the pounds melt. Dancing, jogging, biking or walking. An extra 2000 steps a day will help maintain your new weight.

Now Visualize Yourself Thin

Visualizing is a powerful tool. According to Emil Coue (who coined the phrase, “every day in every way I am getting better and better”) “” your thoughts become reality – you are what you think “. You will be using all that you have learned so far to create an image using your sense of sight, touch, sound, smell and taste.

Set aside 5 minutes two or three times a day. You can visualize while walking, exercising on the treadmill, sitting alone, in the morning or in the evening before falling asleep. Visualize yourself already at your ideal weight. Use your senses to bring this image alive. Give it detail. Are you wearing that size 8 dress looking proud and confident? Walking along the beach in your bikini making heads turn? Playing tag games with the kids with energy to spare?

Feel the air around you, the ground beneath you, the sights and sounds you are experiencing. Visually step into your picture and try it on for size. Fall in love with your body again. You are BAMVP. Bold, Awesome, Motivated, Vibrant and Powerful.

BAMVP – Breath, Affirmations, Meditation, Visualization, Progressive Relaxation