Weight Watchers (also known as WW through out this article) is a diet and healthy eating program characterized by its now famous point system, which assigns meals and foods a certain number of points. Each meal is given a different point number based on its total caloric value, how much fat is in the meal, how many carbohydrates are in the meal, and various other nutritional values. Separate foods are also given point values. When following a Weight Watcher's meal plan, a person has a certain ideal point range for each day, and the goal is to stay under or within that particular range in order to lose weight.

Because the WW program relates heavily on its unique point system, many followers of the program use Weight Watchers recipes to ensure that they know the exact points of the meals and food they eat. Thankfully, the company provides its customers with a wide variety of recipes. Some people might be wary of a recipe book based on the unique point system, thinking that they will be restricted to a few types of meals; however there are hundreds of hundreds of official recipes available to followers of the WW program. And that's not including any of the custom, homemade recipes created by WW followers!

There are so many different recipes to find in WW books, pamphlets, and online material. Each recipe comes with a set of instructions, a list of ingredients, and the number of points that each serving of the recipe will contain. Weight Watchers recipes are notoriously varied and generally easy enough for any home cooker to make! The recipes are not limited to typical diet fare like salads, fruits and vegetables, or other low-fat meals, either! The clientele for Weight Watchers is so diverse that they have created recipes for just about any food taste! Dinner when following one of the program's recipes could be fajitas, typical hamburgers, or a fancy gumbo! Dessert could be as simple as fresh watermelon and yogurt, or a deliciously rich chocolate fondue dip. The program does not limit dieters to bland or boring foods, and with the easy point system, it's simple to make sure that one stays within their designated point range.

One of the most popular features of Weight Watchers recipes are their low point value, healthy nutrition, and fulfilling portions. These three attributes combined lead to a diverse diet that improves the health of those that follow the recipes and point system. Some diet programs may have dieters fill up on cheap preservatives and carbohydrates in order to trick them into thinking that they are full and eating a good amount of food. amounts. Weight Watchers, however, seeks to not only help people control how much food they eat, but what kinds of food they are eating. Food made from Weight Watchers recipes will be both healthy, delicious, filling, and help the dieter lose weight and control their appetite.