I sometimes hear from folks who are interested in the Medifast diet, but who have their doubts about it. Some common comments are things like: “what if I am the exception to the rule and Medifast does not work for me?” “What if I'm one of those few people who do not lose any weight at all on the diet? What if it's a complete failure and waste of time? What if I actually gain weight?” These are actually very common concerns. I had the same type of thoughts also. No one wants to waste their time or look around and see every one else's success while they themselves are not enjoying any success or weight loss of their own. But, although these types of doubts are normal and common, it's my experience and opinion that allowing these doubts to derail you or to stop you from trying actually puts you at risk for failing before you even try. In the following article, I'll offer some tips on how to deal with these doubts if you are having them.

Try To Look At It Objectively: It's amazing how many of us suspect that we are going to be the exception. I feared that all of my coworkers who started dieting at the same time as me would lose weight while I would not. I imagined them buying new clothes while I just stood by in my old ones. I was ignoring all of the studies which showed success as simple math that even I could calculate. Most people understand that if you burn more calories than you take in, you will lose weight. Since I would be taking in well under 1500 calories per day on Medifast and I knew that the average moderately active female burns 1,800 to 2,200 calories per day, it was obvious even to me that I would have taken in less than I burned which prompted in weight loss. So unless I planned to cheat horribly or quit, there was really no reason why I should not be successful. It may help you to look at your own situation with these numbers in mind. Also, even a slight amount of exercise will help these numbers to look even better. So while it's tempting to think that you're going to be the odd man out, try to think of it objectively. It's a simple matter of calories in and calories out. Unless you plan to take in more calories than are directed, there is no reason to believe that you will not have some success.

Tell Yourself That You Will Wait And See Rather Than Sabotage Yourself Before You Even Start: It's just human nature to be tempted to quit before you even try. Tell yourself that you will give yourself a fair chance and that you will just wait and see what type of success you have. I finally just decided that I would give myself a month before I even made any judgments about my performance. This helped to take the pressure off and allowed me to just let things unfold without sabotaging myself. So to answer the question posed, I'd answer that if you do not have the success that you'd like, you would hopefully reevaluate and try again. But it's my opinion and experience that the diet is set up to take in fewer calories than you are burning and therefore, many people are pleasantly surprised when their fears and doubts are not realized.