Sometimes people who contact me about the Medifast diet are a bit confused and concerned about how often they have to eat and how they are going to fit this into a busy schedule. After all, you're expected to eat six times per day on this diet (five diet meals and one larger “lean and green meal.”) Plus, you have the option of eating one additional approved snack per day, which absolutely gives you seven opportunities to eat. So, how do you fit this all and what times are best to eat your Medifast prepackaged meals, your lean and green meal, and your snack? I'll offer some suggestions in the following article.

Fitting In All Of Your Medifast Meals: A Sample Schedule: Of course, your experience and schedule may be different than mine. But I can and will share with you a typical schedule for me to give you some idea of ​​how your day and meals might go. I'm a reliably early riser, so my first meal of the day happens at our 7. But I'm also hurried, so I'll naturally start my day with one of the warm drinks – like the cappuccino, hot chocolate (or both mixed together) or the chai latte.

If I'm working from home, I might have one of the Medifast pancakes or the diet oatmeal. But if I'm on the run, I might eat a bar in the car. Usually this second meal happens somewhere between 9 and 10am so that by mid morning, I've already had two of the six meals.

My lunch is usually somewhere between 1 and 2. I will usually have my “lean and green meal” at dinner time, but if I need to take a lunch meeting, then there's nothing wrong with having a larger lunch and eating a diet dinner. Usually though, I have Medifast chili or soup or sometimes I will have one of the eggs wrapped in a fat free, low calorie tortilla.

I generally crave something sweet in the afternoon so this is when I'll typically have a shake or bar depending on my mood. If I happen to be at home, I might opt ​​for pudding. If I'm in my car and have no time at all, then I'll have one of the diet drinks like the peach iced tea. So by the early afternoon, I've had four of the six meals.

Now as I mentioned for dinner, I will usually opt for my Medifast lean and green meal because I like to be able to eat a larger meal that I incorporated with what I already made for my family. I've become pretty good at being able to tweak whatever they are having to make it work for me. As a result, I still feel included and they are eating a little more healthy and no one is complaining. My dinner time is usually between 6:30 and 7 just because this is what works best for my family's schedule. But, I need to stress that your schedule can be tweaked as needed. The plan is very flexible with this. There's really no set time requirements. I believe that whatever works best for you is your specific “best time” to eat your Medifast meals as long as you are eating regularly and are setting it up so that you do not have time to get hungry.

I will usually have my snack pretty late and usually before bedtime. It usually consist of the chip snacks, the brownies, a shake, or pudding. Sometimes, when I tell people this, they tell me that I should not eat so close to bedtime. I've heard this before. But, I really do like to spread out my meals and I have not found this to impede my progress whatsoever. If you want to take all of your meals earlier and well before bedtime, then that's perfectly fine. As I said, do whatever works best for you.

So what about the one allowed snack per day? Well, to be honest, I do not always include it. When I first started the diet, I incorporated the snack more than I do today. But usually, I would eat the snack during a meal. For example, I'd include celery or a pickle with my soup or chili. I might have a Popsicle along with my afternoon snack. Or, I'd eat a jello cup for dessert at dinner time. With that said, there's no right or wrong time to have your snack. If you get hungry in between any of your meals, take advantage of your snack, as that's why it's there.