I often say that I believe that Medifast is a diet for people who love sweets or carbs. And, sometimes, I have people challenge me on that because technically, Medifast is a high protein diet that is relatively low in carbs. And, this ratio is necessary to help you to lose weight. But, if you're willing to look a little closer, I think you might agree with me with Medifast offers of a good deal of sweet flavored foods. I'll outline some of them below.

The Shakes: Yes, the shakes are low in sugar. But, they do not taste like a food which would fit into this category. They are actually pretty rich and although I do not find them overly sweet, I find them sweet enough. I do think that some flavors are better than others. In general, I like the creme flavored shakes the least. But I am particularly fond of the Swiss Mocha and the banana flavors. Before Medifast sold its own syrup, I used to flavor them up on my own using sugar free syrups mean for diabetics and this worked just fine.

The Bars: To me, these are very dessert like, particularly the maintenance bars. The good news about the maintenance bars is that they are incredibly decadent. The bad news is that you're only allowed to have one of them each day (unless you are on the maintenance or transition plan.) The crunch bars have plenty of good options too, though and they are unlimited. You can have as many as you want as long as you do not go over five meals per day. My personal favorite in the crunch category is the peanut butter.

The Soft Serve: People often are not sure what this item is. It is ice cream with a softer texture. And it is definitely a dessert food. This item definitely tastes sweet to me. Much to my surprise though, my favorite flavor is the coffee.

The Brownies: Here's another item that is meant to be a dessert but many people use it as a snack. This can be served warm (which is the way I prefer it.) But if it cools down, you can just wrap it up and eat it cooled down later. It's pretty good this way too. There's also a chocolate chip bake that is very similar.

The Pudding: I find this food to be very flexible as it could have been a snack or a dessert. Like the shakes, I really enjoy the banana flavor.

The Cinnamon Apple Soy Chips: I'll admit that not all of the chips taste like desserts. In fact, I think that they mostly make nice snacks. But the cinnamon option is definitely sweet enough for dessert.

The Oatmeal: I will admit that there are times when I am perfectly happy with a bowl of hot cereal for dinner, especially if it's been a long day. Many of the oatmeal offerings are quite good for sugar cravings. Flavors that I find find particularly effective are the blueberry the brown sugar and the peach.

The Chocolate Chip Pancakes: Again, this is a breakfast item that will work for a nice dessert in a pinch. The chocolate chips are more liberal than you might expect and texture of this item is not at all dry.

So overall, I believe that if you have a sugar craving on Medifast, you will easily find something to suit your needs. Yes, many of the foods shave off sugar by using sugar alcohols but your body (and your taste beds) probably will not know the difference. And it's very difficult to find sweet flavored foods that easily fit into your weight loss plan. I've gotten so used to these items that at this point, I prefer these foods to traditional desserts which actually taste odd to me and just overly sweet.