You've just found out that another one of your friends / employees / acquaints has adopted veganism. You are puzzled by their decision, and you do have to wonder, 'Is the vegan diet healthy?' 'Is there something that they know and I do not? 'This may very well be the case. Many people are unaware of the miraculous healing benefits of the vegan diet, and it's not completely their fault. Why not?

· Doctors are not going to tell you to eliminate meat and dairy products from your diet. They want you to keep coming back to them. If you are healthy and well, they will lose out on business.

· The TV / media is not going to broadly promote the health benefits of the vegan diet. Rather, they want their audience to indulge in cooking shows (with meat and dairy displayed), supermarket meat and dairy advertisements, etc. In other words, they do not want to lose their audience.

· The dairy industry is not going to tell you that most people are intolerant to milk, eggs and cheese. Doing so would be very detrimental to their future business.

· Your parents are not going to tell you to go veganism. They will stick with their widely held belief that you must drink milk every day for strong bones, and eat red meat regularly for 'necessary protein' for healthy muscles.

So really, your beliefs on meat and dairy products are simply a conglomeration of ideas, teachings and beliefs from the media, health 'professionals,' the meat and dairy industry, and well-meaning family members.

So what is the truth?

Is the vegan diet really healthy? Consider the following few facts, and decide for yourself if adopting veganism is the way to go.

According to one US based study on approximately 120,000 people, eaters of red meat have a substantially higher rate of dying prematurely.

Vegans consume no animal fat or cholesterol, therefore, their chances of developing cardiovascular disease (which is so prevalent in meat eaters) is very low. Cardiovascular disease kills 1 million Americans every year.

The human body can not digest dairy properly, which is why estimated 70% of persons are lactose intolerant. If dairy is eliminated from their diet, they will find their skin clearing up (acne, psoriasis, eczema), their allergies diminishing and their low energy levels and low moods ceasing – symptoms all attributed to being lactose intolerant.

Professor T. Colin Campbell, who was raised on a dairy farm , later became a professor of nutritional science. Campbell admits that his research surprisingly led to the evidence that diets high in animal-based protein led to the prevalent rates of cancers and heart disease in today's society. He that confesses that he had to re-evaluate some of his most cherished beliefs (that eating meat, eggs and dairy is good for your health) and practices.

Many who follow the vegan diet report that their hair and nails have become stronger and unhealthy, their allergies have disappeared, their acne and other skin problems have cleared up, their energy levels have sky-rocketed, excess body weight fell off and they now have a newfound zest for life . The high nutrient content of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, legumes, beans, seaweed and whole-grains can be attributed to these amazing health benefits experienced on the vegan diet. Also, meat and dairy products are no longer 'clogging up' their digestive system.

Angela Stokes was a morbidly obese young woman in her early twenties and had reached a massive 294lbs (133kg) at age 23. She was on the 'standard American diet,' (she was eating meat, eggs and dairy regularly) but she was constantly feeling sick and lethargic. She also had a diabetes scare and suffering from thyroid problems. Stokes read about the vegan raw food diet and changed her eating habits to raw veganism overnight. She has been a healthy weight of 137lbs (62kg) for many years now and has a substantial zest for life.