Eggs are a perfect food to eat anytime of the day and they have many different uses. When you use eggs you're getting amazing nutrition that can benefit your whole body. Eggs mat be small but they are packed with essential nutrients. Eggs are also good in many other dishes such as salads and greens. Here are some ways that eggs are good for your greens too.


While salads by themselves are great for nutrition they lack one essential nutrient and that's protein. You can get some protein in salads but by adding eggs you are getting a great deal of great protein and eggs that can turn a normal plain salad into a great meal that's packed with nutrition and protein. Potato salads, green salads, and other salads make great choices to add in eggs and increase your intake of a good protein source while getting the additional benefits from the nutrition in your salad greens.


Salads can at times be quite plain and boring. By adding in eggs you are adding more flavor and variety to your salad. Add eggs to any salad and enjoy the variety it provides you while giving you extra nutrition. Eggs are also easily incorporated into your salad greens. For example you can boil them and cut them up to put in your salad. Eggs give you an option to add new taste combinations to your salads and enjoy them even more. You'll enhance the flavor of your greens by adding eggs to them.

Salad Dressings

You may want to add eggs with your greens if you're making salad dressings.Some dressing will call for eggs so you can add the eggs to your dressing and then pour it over your salad greens. There are many great dressings you can find online that use eggs as a base.

Different Cuisine

Some dishes that use greens also add eggs as an ingredient. This is quite popular in Asian dishes. If you want to replicate the dish that uses greens you'll need to add the eggs to keep it authentic.

A Great Choice for Salads and Greens

Eggs provide a great deal of protein for your greens as well as give you added flavor. You can use eggs in your dressing too or use them for authentic dishes that include eggs and greens. Enjoy your eggs with your greens! Thank you for reading this short post.