There are so many people on low-calorie diet plans that are frustrated. When you're on a heavily restricted calorie plan, you are almost always hungry. This is not positive. When you stay hungry, and you notice that the scale is not moving, it leads to frustration and more than probably quitting the diet plan before any success is achieved. Calories are not your enemies; in fact, calories are your friends.

Why do not low-calorie diet plans work? Because your body needs calories, it needs energy, in order to function properly and burn fat. If your body is not getting the necessary amount of calories, it will shut down and go into starvation mode. So what do you need to do to lose weight successfully?

Get enough food in your body so that your metabolic rate increases, you burn more calories than you eat, and you lose weight. The average person should eat no less than 1200 to 1500 calories per day. What you then have to do is make sure that you burn more calories than you take in. In order to feel satisfied by eating just 1200 calories per day, make sure your meal plans consist of high fiber foods and fruits and vegetables. Fruits, vegetables and other high fiber foods take more energy to digest, therefore your metabolism is increased for a longer period of time.

Stay away from empty calories, such as soft drinks and junk food. A soft drink can add as much as 250 calories. Would not you have have 250 calories of fruits and vegetables? Which do you think will do your body more good? Remember in the long run we want to make new healthy eating habits so that we can take the weight off and keep it off.

When you are eating less calories than your body needs to function properly, your body starts to burn the muscle in your body not the fat. When this happens you're making it harder to lose the weight. Maintain muscle mass burns more calories and keeps your metabolism high. I'm not talking about building huge muscles like a bodybuilder, that's not necessary, but the more muscle you have, the faster you'll be able to lose weight. Eating high protein foods is not only a good way to build lean muscles, but because they take longer to digest, you feel fuller longer, and therefore eat less. High protein foods does not necessarily mean a steak. You should try to have several meals a week that is built around beans and vegetables.

Making healthy lifestyle changes will not only cause you to lose weight, but will make you overall a healthier and happier person.