You hear about the raw vegan diet every now and then, and your curiosity has been aroused. Why do people decide to go raw? You wonder. How do they make changes to go raw? What is involved? This article answers some popular questions on the raw vegan diet.

What is raw foodism? Raw foodism is a lifestyle diet where a person will eat their food solely in its uncooked state. Ones diet consistants of fresh fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, berries, soaked or dehydrated whole-grains, juices and smoothies, and raw cakes, brownies and treats often including dried fruit, dates, nuts, berries and cacao. People on this diet will often make juices, dehydrated cookies, crackers, chips and breads, and tasty raw cakes, slices, brownies and other healthy snacks.

Why do people choose to go raw?
A person will adopt the raw vegan diet for a variety of reasons, often health-related. The raw vegan diet has been recognized to facilitate weight loss, clear up skin problems, prevent, treat and sometimes reverse chronic illnesses, increase ones energy and concentration levels, and overall, increase ones zest for life. Many people will adopt this lifestyle because they are sick and tired of feeling sick and tired , and they are in desperate need of a physical and emotional restoral.

Can people really experience weight loss on the raw food lifestyle?
Yes, they can. Many have done so in the past and many are still choosing this method to lose weight today. If well planned and searched, a person can safely and effectively experience weight loss on the raw food diet. For example, one young woman by the name of Angela Stokes lost over 155lbs (70kgs) on the raw food diet. That was over 10 years ago and to this day she has maintained her weight.

How to go raw? What is involved?
Most people make gradual changes in their diet while others can adopt raw foodism overnight . Both are perfectly fine, but the initial detox symptoms of adopting a diet consistent solely of raw foods are a little more harsh (particularly for unhealthy persons), but will eventually subside. Abundant health will shortly prevail.

To make gradual changes to the raw vegan diet, a person may start off by substituting their current snacks for a few pieces of fruit, a handful of nuts or a homemade raw treat or bar. One can also substitute one meal a day for a raw meal. When this is easy for them and they are mentally ready , they can increase it to two raw meals per day. Little but constant changes are they key.