The way our bodies work have a lot to do with the weight we do or do not gain. People who go on crash diets or diet plans that utilize starvation end up working against their bodies. They ruin their metabolism, and end up riding on an out of control roller coaster of weight loss and gain. To lose weight permanently, a balanced diet plan is needed. The Calorie shifting diet plan will not force the dieter to starve or deprive themselves. It works with the body to bring amazing results.

Many people go on one diet plan or another hoping to lose weight. Most will inevitably fail. This is because the whole concept of a diet goes against how the human body is programed. Our early ancestors struggled to survive through times of famine and little food. Most people no longer have to struggle with such catastrophic events, but our bodies have not caught up. When we do not have enough calories in our diet, which is what many diet plans are based on, the metabolism decreases. This is designed to protect us against starvation. An answer to this dilemma is the calorie shifting diet plan.

When metabolism slows down, the body will cling to every calorie. This is because the body has been tricked into thinking that it is starving. Most people who stick with a diet quickly gain the weight back as soon as they go back to their regular eating habits. This is because their metabolism has been slowed, and as soon as the extra food comes in, those calories are stored as fat. The calorie shifting diet plan anticipates this from happening by working with body chemistry and mechanics.

A high metabolism means the body is burning a good amount calories, even when at rest. To accomplish this, a regular intake of food must occur. Essentially, smaller meals are eaten more frequently. This causes metabolism to increase, which will result in lost weight.

This plan does not result in the dieter feeling starved or stripped. Four meals are eaten a day, preventing one from feeling overly hungry. The meals are well balanced and timed. A comprehensive menu keeps the palate excited with a variety of different foods and flavors. Even though plenty of food is being eaten, the weight will still be lost. This is because the diet plan is working with the body, and not against it. The dieter will not feel deprived, and excellent meals will have had four times a day.