Xtreme Fat Loss Diet is a brand new diet program created by Joel Marion, a well known weight loss expert. One thing that you might want to know, Joel Marion is one of America's Top 50 Personal Trainers.

In his new product, he uses advanced workout and nutrition techniques in order to make people get in awesome shape quickly. These techniques are completely safe and have been tested to many people with great success. According to the website, you can lose weight in 25 days. The weight that you can lose depends on many factors such as your body condition prior to performing the program. But usually you can lose several pounds at the end of the 25th day.

Let's take a look at the content inside the program. The program is made up of a five-day cycle which is repeated five times for a total of 25 days. Each of the five days is made up of a combination of specific techniques and workouts designed to boost your metabolism and fat burning hormones. When your metabolic rate high your body will naturally burn fat on itself and this is one secret of the system. You will burn a lot faster when you increase your metabolic rate is high.

The 5 days cycle consists of cheat days, protein depletion, shake day, moderate carb days, and fat day. The cheat day is where you can every food that you want such pizza or ice cream. You might find it weird but actually it is part of the strategy to boost your metabolic rate and fat burning hormones.

You need to combine these 5 days routines with workout techniques that you will learn from the program. You might find it difficult when performing the workout for the first time since there are few workouts that you might never do before. But you can always refer to the pictures and instruction inside the manual.

Each day is made up of a new workout routine and eating plan. So you will not be trapped into boring routines that will make you feel lazy. It is important that you stick with the plan for 25 days before you judge your result. It is easy to drop your effort when you do not see some results in your first 7 days. But you should at least see some results when you follow the instruction from the program until finish.